Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Fair!

yesterday we had great day at the fair!
nolan said, "it was the awesomest day EVER!"

first we watched the pig races and saw swifty the pig swim.
oh my gosh. {CUTE}
evyn wants one for a friend

then we visited the farm animals.
one of each, please!

the roller coaster was "super fun"
nolan's tummy kinda hurt at the end.
but that was short lived...

oh my. monster trucks! of course

evyn went on a boat! oh was/is she happy to tell all about it!
happiest day ever! her face is priceless!

the carousel! a must
great fun for all and great pics!

another boat. this time with a steering wheel!

COTTON CANDY! that is all the boy wanted
until he saw the bow and arrow!
he didn't really like the cotton candy when all was said and done :)

oh and tuff trucks.
the girls liked it but nolan's face says all there is to say!

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