Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Bat!

sharing the porch with these cute little guys

WAS this cute little guy. (uh, not SO MUCH)

shawn armed hmself with his welding gloves and promptly woke the sleepy guy from his slumber.

he was NOT happy!!!
(he WAS very scary, mad and hissing)

shawn found him a new, temporary home on a far off tree.

and for a short time he peacefully "hung out".

about an hour later he had left.
now i need to make sure he and his batty friends don't come hang out on my porch again...

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Marie said...

Bats are scary things. We have had them in the house on several occasions. I know now that I can cope with just about anything! Single most frightening experience in my life!! Makes me shudder even now!! Your man was very brave! xxoo

Needled Mom said...

Well.....THAT was excitment around your house. I hope he enjoys his new house.

Queen of the Unfinished Project said...

Yipes! But rest assured, having him on the fromt porch isn't nearly as bad as if he had found his way inside!! I personally like bats (outside where they belong, of course) because they eat the stupid bugs. However, if they do happen to get in, I highly recommend a sturdy butterfly net to remove them. Works great!

Anne said...

I recently had a bat encounter at a friend's home. She now calls me the bat whisperer.

Michelle said...

We had one on the porch last year and I spent the whole day praying he'd go away once it got dark so we didn't have to actually do anything with/to him. Luckily, he did, because I really didn't want him (or my kids) to get hurt!